Maintenance & Cleaning

Pool Maintenance & Cleaning

Get reliable and affordable pool maintenance to keep your pool clean, and your family happy! Pembroke Pools offers all-in-one pool services to keep your pool crystal clear all year round.

Our technicians are trained to keep your pool glistening when you sign up for weekly pool cleaning services with Pembroke Pools. Pembroke Pools techs focus on cleaning and chemical balancing to ensure that your pool is the best on the block (and the safest).

We offer three pool cleaning packages to help fit your budget.

Pool Maintenance Services Include:
  • Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Clean & Inspect Pool Filter

  • Clean & Inspect Pool Pump

  • Vacuuming & Brushing

  • Skim Pool Surface

  • Chemical Testing & Balancing

  • Maintain Pool Equipment

  • Clean Steps & Swimouts

  • Spa Services Available


Why Monthly Pool Maintenance Matters

Weekly pool maintenance ensures a clean and clear pool. If left improperly treated, you run the risk of your pool water growing algae or becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and harmful bacteria.

An untreated pool can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and equipment replacement in the future.

Pembroke Pools technicians are trained to properly balance your pool's water chemistry and keep your pool clean and safe to use.

A Cleaner Pool Filter Means a Healthier Pool

Cleaning your pool filter is an essential part of monthly pool maintenance.

Your pool's filter is used to collect debris and decontaminates in the folds of the filter. When the filter becomes clogged, water is unable to flow through the folds.  A dirty pool filter can lead to dirty water, stress on your pool equipment, decreased energy efficiency, and a strain on your pool pump and filtration system.

Our technicians are trained to monitor and clean your filtration system regularly to keep your pool clean and make the most of your equipment.


Our Pool Gallery

Pembroke Pools is proud to provide excellent pool service to homeowners and business owners across South Florida. Whether you're looking to refresh your swimming pool's design or in need of weekly maintenance, we're here to help.

Check out our photo gallery to see some of our most recent projects, and get inspiration for your next pool project.

Areas We Serve

Broward County, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Miramar and Weston

Pool Maintenance Quote

Pool maintenance with Pembroke Pools ensures that your swimming pool is crystal clear and safe to use by your family and friends.

Ready to take the first step toward your dream pool? Fill out the form to request a free quote from Pembroke Pools today, or contact us via the information below.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM EST
Phone: 954-665-8674

What Our Customers Say

"Pembroke Pool Service is amazing. They show up like clockwork every week and our pool always is crystal clear and well maintained. I would highly recommend them!"

Candece Cavalieri

"Pembroke Pool Service is the best pool service I have ever had and I have lived in Florida with a pool service for 20 years. My pool has been sparkling clean for 5 years without fail."

Syliva Agnetti

"Work is beautiful, the employees were extremely professional and always on time! It has been refreshing working with the owner Mike, he is a man of his word and delivered a quality product in a timely matter exactly as we spoke about. I highly recommend Pembroke pool service."

Nathalie Altman

"After wasting money and tons of time trying to take care of pool, I contacted Pembroke pool service. Best decision! Michael really helped us get our pool back to being blue and clean again! Excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend! No more stress about taking care of the pool."

Elle Claire
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